Built for AFLAC
in Jacksonville

Finished On-Time
& On Budget


Aflac is a national insurance company setting up a new regional office in Jacksonville. They knew exactly what they wanted, and provided a detailed set of construction documents. IBI competitively bid and was awarded the project. We met the clients schedule and surpassed their quality expectations. Aflac utilized lots of interior glass to open up their office space and conference room. Visitors walking into the space will be greeted with pictures of the Aflac duck and their outrageously colorful walls.

Aluminum and glass storefront doors on every office and work room, basket weave carpet tiles, walls on 45-degree angles, high gloss white cabinetry with dark Corian tops created a distinctive look. This space featured a large training room with moveable tables set over a grid of electrical and data floor boxes enabling the room to be set up into different configurations. The use of bright wall colors, the transparency of glass, the visual texture of the carpet tile leaves your visit to this space most memorable.


Jacksonville Regional Office 



What We Did

Built entire regional office to exact specifications given by ALFAC