Custom Built
for Suddath

Finished On-Time
& On Budget


Suddath Company is one of Interior Buildouts’ longest and best clients for the past ten years. We helped Suddath complete one of their largest projects, renovating 19 toilet rooms in their 6-story headquarters. Suddath tasked us with getting the project done while keeping the business flowing as normal. The job was a great success and now their bathrooms are bright, clean and modern. IBI’s lobby renovation for Suddath is another job that gave new life to their main entrance. The graphics and back-lit signs catch your eye as you walk inside. There is no mistaking the name of the company or what they do. Natural light fills the two story lobby with large seamless store front windows. Suddath’s lobby is the crown jewel of the building.

IBI was given the opportunity to recreate the Suddath executive conference room. The room was upgraded with warm tones, natural wood, solar shade, LED lighting and hanging pendant lights over the table. This room is fit for any executive making critical company decisions. Departmental conference rooms we have completed feature Suddath blues, carpet tiles, LED lighting, and video conferencing technology. Along with the projects described here, we have also renovated corridors, Appetite’s Café, VP offices, numerous conference rooms, facilities, marketing, and legal departments within their corporate headquarters.


Corporate Headquarters



What We Did

Conference rooms, corridors, VP offices, lobby and more!