Branch office
build for YARDI

Finished On-Time
& On Budget


Yardi is a national company which we collaborated with to create their new branch office. This renovation utilized an existing real estate office, densely packed with little offices crowded along the window perimeter with a circular corridor around a copy room. With a cost minded approach and selective demolition, we transformed a clustered space into a new open design for a quick and cost-effective project. This project featured a glass, granite and wood combination of reception desk on hardwood flooring against a wood and glass conference room.

Using gray neutral wall colors and bold pattern carpet tile. We were able to blend these elements into an inviting space. With offices located against the inside wall and cubicles extending to the perimeter glass walls everyone benefits from the exposed light and openness of the space. Using a deep blue wall accented by a light cream trim color on the door and side lights, this feature contrasted against the natural light of the outside.


Branch Office 



What We Did

Renovated an old real estate office to make room for YARDI’s beautiful glass, granite and wood combinations