Interior Buildouts prides ourselves on being able to meet the demands of our clients by being proficient in all 3 realms of service.


Interior Buildouts prides ourselves on being able to meet the demands of our clients by being proficient in all 3 realms of service.


Interior Buildouts, Inc. actively seeks ways to meet the demands of our clients by developing and applying modeling tools and providing consulting services to create solutions. In the pre-design phase of a project, IBI works with clients to assess space requirements for their business needs. Requirements range from renovations of an existing space, an expansion, a new space, or possibly a consolidation of areas. We give a feasibility evaluation to determine space and construction possibilities by studying and analyzing the client’s goals and objectives. This evaluation helps determine whether a space is going to be cost effective and meet business plan objectives.

After the pre-design phase, IBI’s design team takes ideas and concepts to formulate costs and develop schematic drawings along with adjusted estimations to maximize a client’s budget. Our systematic and organized approach, also known as value engineering, produces the most options in a job while keeping the project cost low. Many clients come to us with architectural plans developed and seeking proposals for construction. Either way, at this time we provide clients with detailed estimates itemizing each construction division (general conditions, drywall, plumbing, electrical, etc.). This gives clients a breakdown and may also include optional or alternative work to consider. There is no charge for this service and we welcome any questions or clarification of amounts. Interior Buildouts, Inc. prides itself on being transparent in this estimating process.

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After the design process is complete, Interior Buildouts, Inc. moves onto the plan phase of the construction project where ideas on paper meet scheduling and permitting. The IBI team uses software systems to create feasible schedules that can be adapted as projects move along. Communication with clients is key to a smooth building timetable. In addition, client dates of furniture orders, interior accessories, IT, media, and manpower must be integrated into the scheduling. IBI has experience with large multi-step strategies that allow a full building or mall to continue operating while construction is in progress. Also our schedules show when and how projects are progressing, so clients will always be up-to-date. Construction has many moving parts that must be coordinated to meet significant deadlines. This is why Interior Buildouts, Inc. has developed scheduling techniques to ensure a smooth project experience.

The second step of our plan phase is permitting. Interior Buildouts, Inc. uses experience, continuing education, and communication with building department officials to make this puzzling process a breeze. City and state building codes and regulations are constantly being updated to fit changes in construction and so are we. IBI strives for good relationships with our reviewers, inspectors, and fire marshals to help expedite the permitting process.

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The following and most important phase of a building project is performance and construction of the space. After all the design is finalized and planning is concluded, Interior Buildouts, Inc. completes the building project. IBI has developed an outstanding team of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other tradesmen which have worked with us for over ten years. These exceptional subcontractors help us perform the jobs efficiently and effectively. This network allows us to offer a lower cost to our clients without sacrificing quality work. Our subcontractors are flexible and accommodating to make our jobs a pleasure to build. Often Interior Buildouts, Inc. self-performs work in this performance phase of our projects. Sometimes it is logical and reasonable to utilize our in-house workers for many aspects of the building project. This lowers the cost of the job and allows us to pass along the savings to our client. IBI is self sufficient to handle demolitions, drywall, paint, doors and hardware, equipment installations, cleaning, and specialty items.

During the performance and construction process, building inspectors will be reviewing and evaluating the project. Each trade and specialty will be inspected separately along with a final inspection. After this step, Interior Buildouts, Inc. walks through the job with the client to review any questions or concerns. Any listed items would be addressed immediately. IBI prides itself on completing a job to the satisfaction of the client and on time. Specializing in interior contracting, Interior Buildouts, Inc. has experience, dedication, and the expertise to meet client goals, objectives, and schedule.

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